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Univ of Wisc.- Milwaukee - SOIS' Journal
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
10:27 am
whew! finally time to post on LJ for school....

anyway. im getting married in august of next year and need to finish up the core courses of 502 & 591. but i know you need 4 credits to have the finanical aid. what gives? 4 credits for a 3 credit course? and im afraid if i take a 1 credit class i won't get any credit. i'd like the gaming one for fun(my fiancee is a video game programmer)

what is the best thing I can do? is there a 1 credit class I could take to make the 4 credits? for an grad students? i have a feeling the 591 will be a doozy. and in the middle of wedding planning from jan-may/junish.....its going to HELL!(pardon my french)....

so any thoughts would be great. i've also posted on the SOIS board as well.
Monday, September 1st, 2008
10:59 pm
decided to post here since it was easier. :)
not sure how everyone's 1st day of classes are going, I am with Xie and Miller and it doesnt seem bad so far. the assignment for Miller is really easy and simple. Sort of learn as you go and Xie obviously post and comment. I feel like I am in the right place. (for now) :)(both require postings)

Not sure if this is the right place to post or not. I was really scared about starting school but Ill have to plow through the readings and such the rest of the short week and Ill be out of town on Friday coming to the reception so its major cramma ramma time. I know people said once you get into the groove of stuff it will flow that much faster.

is it always like this? or does it just depend on the classes you take? I really like Professor Miller b/c it seems to be alot of it on good faith type of stuff vs. EXACT instructions down the wire. Xie might be that kind of stufff in any case....

Im going to assume that the regular classes are toughter? or are they fairly easy on a level of difficulty? like on a scale of 1-10 whats the level of difficulty for classes post core? I was told that the core classes will really take up a great deal of your time. Is there a particular way you found to be able to make things eaiser for you to focus? I find that dry reading tends to make me zone out. or maybe I had ADD....


Current Mood: nervous
Friday, August 8th, 2008
10:14 am
thanks for the info about the book listing being available online.

I was wondering, aside from the book swapping for class, where else might one find books for classes? I went to half.com and the book for professor xie(Sp?) class-intro to modern info retrieval wasnt there. it was on amazon but its the 2nd edition and she is requesting the 3rd edition.

the book is 62 used and 88.95 new.

I know classes start in a few weeks so Im trying to get a head start.

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
10:30 pm
Virtual Lounge, Books, Etc.
Just curious if any of the newbies has been able to figure out the Virtual Lounge yet? I was able to log in and see the class list and such, and I can see discussion topics but there doesn't appear to be anything listed in them. It looks like maybe I just have general access right now and not course-specific access? Maybe? So confusing.

I did see that the regular site has the Fall 2008 textbooks up, but only one of my professors has listed his books so far. Hmm... I hope the other list goes up so I have time to order them and get them here before class starts. Any insight into that?

So much fun trying to figure all of this out for the 1st time. :)

Monday, July 7th, 2008
2:26 pm
school tuition
I will be doing the distance online program but I am a little confused.
the 2K~ charge is in addition to tuition for the distance program?

so it would be like 2K~(for the DL) for each class and then extra tution? Or is this the only amount being charged? Its a little confusing. I know the rates will go up in late July....

I am taking 2 core classes:
57766 201 Lecture ONLINE WEB Steven Miller 9/2/2008 - 12/11/2008
57910 201 Lecture ONLINE WEB Hong Xie 9/2/2008 - 12/11/2008

does anyone know about the books for these classes or if they are required? or when this info is being posted online?

thanks! I've poked around the UWM website but I didnt see much info on it....

I guess I am just an over eager beaver! :)

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
12:24 am
SOIS Scholarships?
I'm wondering if anyone knows when the SOIS scholarships are awarded. I'm wondering in particular about the Chancellor's Award, since that's the one that all enrolled SOIS members are eligible for...

Do any of you veterans remember when this is awarded and/or are the recipient(s) announced somewhere?

Sunday, June 8th, 2008
8:33 am
Virtual Lounge?
Hi, I'm hoping one of you seasoned veterans of the SOIS program can help me.

I don't think I have access to the Student Virtual Lounge yet. I mean, it appears I can log in, but I don't see any discussion threads or anything. Is the Virtual Lounge only linked to classes? I thought people could post general questions/thoughts too.

Do I not have access until Fall when my classes start? (If so, I think that's pretty lame, since I'd like to ask some questions before then...)

Thursday, April 17th, 2008
9:11 am
i've finally managed to write down my passwords for paws and pantheremail. they've worked the 1st few times and then boink! theyh dont work so i go and change the passwords again. then it works for a bit and then doesnt work.

also do you know how big the classes were online? since its online it could be really huge or really small. i think i heard also that the videos would be online to watch at your convenience in any case....

I looked @ the classes at which I should be registering......obviously you pick the online classes

511 has steven miller, mikel breitensteein, and hur-li lee

501 has dick kawooya, thomas walker, and catherine hansen(she actually sounds kind of familiar

571-xie hong, xiangming, mu

591-terrance newell, jin zhang, and there isnt another person online for the last sessions. anyone know about these last proffs? maybe im jumping the gun but i have to register on the 22nd so i'd like to be as prepared as possible! =)
Monday, April 14th, 2008
1:17 pm
I got my financial aid and my panther email is available for use.
looks like I can also register for classes on the 22 of april. so its soon! dont know how classes will be. dont want to think much of it. ick. hopefully scholarships will kick in. i wonder i will be charged the current rate for tuition....what to take!!! oh boy!!! ILl have to get the info for that next week.

just one little step at a time.....

does anyone know when the REAL emails start coming in from school?
i got the generic "welcome to the panther email" note from them. Should I alwyas keep checking on it? I dont see alot of people on here for help and stuff...
Thursday, March 13th, 2008
11:06 pm
Other Ways to Communicate with Online SOIS Students?

It's looking like I'll be attending UWM - SOIS via their online program starting Fall 2008. Yay! My question is: does anyone know of any other communities for online SOIS students to contact each other, ask questions, or discuss school? So far this community only has 10 members, so I'm wondering if there are other avenues. I'm especially interested in finding other students in my state.


Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
11:12 am
tips for a fall student?
does anyone have anything I can do to prepare myself?
I start in the fall (looking for job in the meantime).

are there alot of books required for school?
im concerend about that on top of rising tuition costs.
are classes difficult online? what if you cant make it for like a week(Vacation, etc)

I am trying to hopefully attend the ALA conference in anaheim and also will be attending the PLA (the virtual one) in a few weeks)

can I also put these things on my cover letter for any jobs I apply for?

Thursday, December 27th, 2007
10:33 am
welcome note!

I will be entering the UWM summer 2008 for the SLIS program.
any advice, etc? Im working on financial aid and scholarships.

I know I will be automatically enrolled in 2 of the 4 requirements.
how are classes? difficult? easy? how are pricing for books? Im on the online distance program. so i not sure if u need all books.

also how would i put it on my resume since Im looking for a Job as of 1/1/08. I can put that in my cover letter, right?


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